Sisters Openly Share Long Held Secrets With Each Other | Veronicka & Marizza

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Published on July 12 ,2017 by Jubilee

"Aside from mom, you're one of my biggest critics...and I just don't want to disappoint you."

Marizza and Veronicka play "Never Have I Ever" with each other to reminisce about their pasts and explore where they are now. They talk about everything from stealing each other's clothes to feeling rejected by the other.

Marizza Espinosa
Veronicka Espinosa

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  • Genesis H
    Genesis H yesterday 4628

    i wish i had a sister, or a best friend lol

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn 2 days ago 1222

    I should listen to my younger siblings more.

  • Ari Yo
    Ari Yo 3 days ago 5342

    A younger sibiling, it really touched me cause it really hit me home run. I actually cried about the some stuff Melizza said. Like oh man, I highkey relate

  • Aliyah Norman
    Aliyah Norman 3 days ago 1307

    Where do we click.... what did he point at?

  • Isabella Menchaca
    Isabella Menchaca 4 days ago 3702

    As a older I can relate to both sides not just because I’m the older but I was the only girl not accepted not good or tough enough to play and I wait for the one day to come where I prove them wrong😭😤

  • 10, 000 Subscribers No videos challenge
    10, 000 Subscribers No videos challenge 4 days ago 4346

    I hate being the oldest, you can argue saying the middle child or youngest has it worse but I know damn well oldest have it the worst.

  • Elisabeth Weimar
    Elisabeth Weimar 4 days ago 1848

    That got deep...

  • Evie Rutt
    Evie Rutt 4 days ago 0832

    This is so sad

  • midnightmoon3602 MSP
    midnightmoon3602 MSP 5 days ago 1550

    I’m a twin and my twin is younger but she is treated by the rest of the family like she’s the older one because she’s a straight A+ student and is in all Advanced classes while I’m the one who isn’t the straight A student but the A and B+ student and i get blamed for a lot of stuff my sister does

  • Shelly Cripps
    Shelly Cripps 5 days ago 3251

    They were like crying but not realy it was weird


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