Miss International 2017 - Crowning Moment

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Published on November 14 ,2017 by Latino Vicente

Miss International 2017 - Crowning Moment | Miss International 2017
Miss International 2017 - Crowning Moment
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Mariel de Leon
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ThΓΉy Dung
Diana Croce
Vanessa Pulgarin
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  • Farel Putra
    Farel Putra 2 weeks ago 3901

    I love indonesia

  • soniya arya
    soniya arya a month ago 1427

    Though, this pagent is organised by japan, and in Japan, I still love this pagent more than miss universe and miss world and other beauty pagents cuzz such a honourable hosts, beautiful contestant with a brain, and even the runner up's are given expensive crown, I search the price of crown for the runner up's they are like really expensive🀐🀐🀐🀐!!! And even they are provided with bouchers and trophy's.........really a worth watching pagent!!!! I don't know why miss japan hasn't won miss universe since 2007, like really.....................Japanese contestant are very lithe and amazing...............I would be do thankful if I get the prveliage to visit Japan, and can take part in miss international.........people who are spending their money on watching miss world and miss universe live.......I think this is a worth live watching pagent.......
    Greetings to Japan from INDIA😘😘😘😘

    Nihon no iwa!!! Kono panyanto waa nihondearuga mada karera, wa hoka no kyogi-sha no taishite fubyodo o shite inai!!! I love you all

    From INDIA!!!

  • soniya arya
    soniya arya a month ago 5813

    Cuarcao was in miss universe 2016, I thought (in 2016) she was a waste material, but she shut me up in miss international 2017, she is now a total mixture of beauty!!!I love her!!
    She is 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bienvinido Filipinas
    Bienvinido Filipinas a month ago 2122

    She's the most beautiful Indonesian queen ever. πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

  • Fentika Gea
    Fentika Gea a month ago 5435

    Hi my neighbor country filipina if u want to see keyle verzosa versi indonesia u can chek on google ZASKIA GOTIK...

  • Ricky Stargazer
    Ricky Stargazer 2 months ago 1305

    ugly crown

  • Sam Putar Leste
    Sam Putar Leste 2 months ago 1013

    Congratulations Indonesia form East Timor

  • alfandyulizar yul
    alfandyulizar yul 2 months ago 0920

    bangga banget jadi rakyat Indonesia 😍😍😍

  • Audrey Cleova
    Audrey Cleova 2 months ago 2710

    Im indonesia , omg

  • Everything bySky
    Everything bySky 2 months ago 2821

    Congrats Indonesia from Cambodia


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