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Published on March 04 ,2017 by The Blue Haired Lawyer

A rich woman plots the murder of her adulterous husband's mistress through a series of elaborate schemes, but soon falls under the suspicion of the investigating detective, who must prove her involvement.



  • Hoyt Bullock
    Hoyt Bullock 4 months ago 2824

    I love Cybill Shepherd in any role. She appeared on the Johnny Carson show back in the early 90's. She sang a couple of blues and jazz songs. She was outstanding. I have tried and tried to find that show on youtube or even songs done by her. Nada.

  • brown9708
    brown9708 5 months ago 4451

    true story. it happened in Richarson and Dallas Texas back in the 80s. watch Behind Mansion Walls | Blood Money | S3E13, second story

  • Brenda Rebel Angel
    Brenda Rebel Angel 12 months ago 5217

    LOL When anyone crosses the border to Cananda they need to show ID, Passports and everything. Then asked a lot of questions...They are not even from Montana which would raise more you can tell this part of the movie is wrong..

  • Sunshine Causey
    Sunshine Causey one year ago 1421

    OK thanks

  • Sunshine Causey
    Sunshine Causey one year ago 1051

    hey can you upload the movie daughter's our mother murder ft Holly Marie Combs?

  • Gladys Rodgers
    Gladys Rodgers one year ago 1737

    i don't believe it ken olin stood his ground and said no a known whore and murderer he is they finally got that bitch they were stupid how they handled her case they sure dont do that here they be on your case like dogs and some cases im glad but i don't like how innocense people are treated sometimes on purpose stupid

  • Gladys Rodgers
    Gladys Rodgers one year ago 2327

    what the hell all can a four yr old tell them stupid

  • Vintage Wifey With A Modern Twist
    Vintage Wifey With A Modern Twist one year ago 1940

    Love your channel and these movies!! Thank you for uploading all of these

  • Penny Donley
    Penny Donley one year ago 2214

    Great movie! I really enjoyed it! Thanks for uploading it!!!!

  • ELLY May
    ELLY May one year ago 0318

    Since when did the police let the suspect cal the shots...can we do this at my house but only you can if


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